Metalsmith and Traditional Dancer

Together with her career as a traditional dancer, in 2002, Cristina started to learn the art of metalsmithing with her teacher Isabel Moya Schilling. In 2006, she continued with her studies at the “Escuela de Artes y Oficios del Fuego” where she learned, among other techniques, the one called Lost Wax with the teacher Esteban Resczczinski. From 2009 until 2014 she specialized at the Gabriela Harsanyi’s Jewelry School where she learned complex Japanese and Korean jewelry techniques.

As part of her further education and personal development, she participated in the international workshop called “BrainCelona in Chile” (Valparaiso 2013). This activity was in the charge of the prestigious Masters of la Scola Massana de Barcelona, Carles Codina, Ricard Domingo and Valerie Nobilly.

This experience produced an inflection point in the way Cristina used to work.

From that moment on, she started to work with collections. She started with a central theme and developed ideas around it and then, studying and designing pieces that would represent that idea. Pieces that would have her DNA and  that would not lose their main characteristic of being “Soft Jewelry”, “Sensitive Jewelry” as Cristina calls her work.

Besides, Cristina has participated in other workshops like “Patinas over metals” (2014) in the charge of Sergio Fernandez from Colombia, Master Metalsmith, who is an expert in Patinas. In 2015 , she took up Contemporary Jewelry lessons with the Argentinian Master Jorge Castañon in Buenos Aires. From him, she adopted the jewelry construction vision. This gives the starting point of the creation of a piece an internal dialogue with the external materials we have around us and in doing so, leaving aside the prominence of metals and using them in a more subtle way.

Finally, in 2017, she participates in the workshop “Maleabilidad de los Metales” (Metals Malleability) in the charge of Colombian Master Sergio Fernandez where she learned and worked the techniques of Foldforming, Anticlastic and Forge.